Our Practice

What makes our practice a little different?

Christakis Pediatrics is a somewhat unusual pediatric practice in certain respects. We, like many of our colleagues, attempt to provide excellent and compassionate care to all of our patients. We do this by maintaining high standards in the areas of clinical expertise and patient satisfaction. I have had a strong desire to be a pediatrician since my own childhood. I began in 1988, by “hanging up a shingle,” joining my older brother John, an internist. Fortunately after 25+ years, I continue to thoroughly enjoy my work every single day. I keep thinking how great would it be to write a book containing all of the cool and hilarious things our little patients say in our office! My pediatric career has been everything I expected and more. On the other hand, we have also experienced the reality of trying to practice pediatrics as a traditional and solo doctor in today’s medical business world. Predictions have been made over the last few years about the end as we know it of this brand of medical care. These predictions have been born out over the last few years, with the closure of several solo pediatric practices in our area. My hope, going forward, is to continue to buck the trend of merging with a large group practice, or selling the practice to a hospital chain, but instead to continue working as I have been. By this I mean:

  • a small, personal office setting, in which patients get to know each of us. Our staff consists of myself, nurse Alica, Jennifer (front desk,) and Widney (pediatric medical assistant.) Our patients have taught us over the years that knowing what to expect when they come in to our office, and specifically who they will see is a highly valued characteristic of our office.
  • reasonable scheduling of well visits. We schedule adequate time to cover the many issues that I am expected to cover as a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We also try to carve out enough time in the day for the inevitable sick visits. I personally place great value in running on time, although it is not always possible. I very much appreciate the patience and understanding of our kind parents when I find myself apologizing for being late.
  • live phone response. I dislike voice menu phone answering systems so much, that I have vowed to never go that route for my own office!
  • excellent coverage after hours and on weekends. Doctors Blanco, Wexler and Laskas, of Boca Raton Pediatric Associates, have been long time colleagues with whom I rotate coverage. This entails direct-to-doctor phone access after hours, and walk-in office hours at their east Boca office on weekend mornings, when I am not on call.
  • 24/7 access to me if your child is in the hospital, during which time I personally collaborate with the hospital pediatrician.
  • email communication directly with me for non-urgent clinical questions, and with the staff for appointments, form requests and other administrative or billing issues.
  • availability for home visits.

In Jan 2008 I reluctantly implemented an annual charge of $325 per family. There was simply no other way to maintain the kind of practice we are. This has allowed me to continue to practice pediatrics in the manner I envisioned when I first opened our doors in 1988. As a result of the understanding of our patients, we have been able to avoid closing, moving, selling, or merging with another practice. I feel very grateful and honored to have the trust and respect of our patients’ parents, who, despite difficult economic times, have stayed with us. Our intention has never been to exclude patients. I am living a life long dream to be a pediatrician, alongside my internist brother, in Boca Raton, where I have lived since 1974, and so I thank all of my families for that!

We are always open to suggestions and complaints, and we certainly hope you will communicate with us so we can improve our practice, or if there are special circumstances about your situation that we need to be aware of.

Feel free to contact me at 39CHILD (392-4453) or at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address),  at any time.

All the best,

Dr Paul