Holidy Greetings 2014

Dec 7, 2014 – Dr. Paul

Dear Patients and Parents,

As we embark on the 26th year of our practice, I think about the many blessings I have and how grateful I am for them. They include the love and support of my family (including my rather large extended family), our health, my church and friends, my staff, my patients and their devoted and loving parents.

This time of year, the health of my patients’ parents also comes to mind. Our moms and dads tend to seek medical care only when necessary. Most of my parents are in their 30s and 40s, and do not have their own personal doctor. I believe they should consider having a physician they could call their own. In this way, annual physicals and preventive care can be established with a physician who you will get to know well, and who will get to know you also. If a serious health matter comes up, you have an advocate, someone to guide you through the diagnosis, treatments, and if necessary referral to a specialist.

Should you consider this idea worthwhile, I would like to recommend to you Doctor John, my colleague, brother, and close friend. He is a competent, seasoned, thoughtful, and compassionate internist with an outstanding reputation. We have enjoyed working together and sharing space with each other since 1988 and consider ourselves traditional practitioners of medicine. We take time with our patients, treating them as we would like to be treated by answering their questions and concerns patiently. As he also faces the challenges of practicing medicine in this manner, there is a modest annual fee, which Doctor John adjusts with a discount for our parents. We have realized over the years that our families greatly appreciate the convenience of receiving their medical care in the same office as their children. If this concept may be one you would like to consider please let me know and I will be glad to introduce Doctor John to you.

Wishing you a Peaceful and Blessed Holiday Season.

Doctor Paul

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