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Part of our services at Christakis Pediatrics includes access to our office by way of email. We receive emails weekly, regarding administrative and scheduling questions, as well as medical advice. The non-medical issues are responded to by our staff, while medical issues are addressed by our nurse, or myself, but only for established patients. We check our email several times per week, so clearly this service is NOT intended for anything urgent. Emergency situations always require a 911 call. Non-urgent queries are usually answered within 24-48 hours. You should also know that these email exchanges are 1) NOT encrypted, and so are not necessarily secure, and 2) ALWAYS added to our patient charts and become part of the permanent medical record. For urgent or sensitive matters, please call our office or schedule a same-day appointment, rather than attempting to communicate by email.

If you are not the intended recipient of an email response from us, please be so kind as to immediately delete the email and notify us by phone at 561-392-4453.


Should you call our office during off hours (lunch, evenings, weekends) and find that the phone only rings and does not connect to our answering service, please immediately contact Bethesda Memorial Hospital at 561-278-7733. Then dial 0 for the operator and let them know you are trying to call and the phones are not reaching the answering service. Once someone live answers, let them know so that we can correct the call forwarding connection. On rare occasion we have had our call forwarding function interrupted either spontaneously or due to a power surge. This happens once or twice a year. We want to be sure our patients can reach us when needed, and this will help us to achieve this.