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Welcome to our practice!

If you are the parent of a newborn, congratulations on this wonderful blessing for your family. We are here to act not only as your child’s physician, but also to help you through some of the baby issues that inevitably arise when you bring a new life into your home. If you are new to the practice with an older child or children, again we hope to live up to your expectations… Read on... Our Immunization Policy


MaY 7, 2018 - Dr. Paul

Unfortunately for us, Christi is moving with her family to a new location. We wish her our very best and will miss having her as part of our team. This has created an opening at our office for an experienced pediatric medical assistant, full time. Should you or someone you know be interested in applying and be a good fit for us, please send a resume to”

I believe that you, our patients know the kind of person we are looking for.

Thank You,

Dr. Paul

A Letter To Our Families

Dear Parents,

I want to thank you for allowing me the privilege of caring for your children and also for your loyalty and patience over the years. As we continue into our 29th year of practice and 9th year of our unique practice model (small, solo, modest retainer fee) I feel blessed to have a diverse blend of families. You seem to appreciate the kind of care we are trying to provide. The annual fee has allowed us to continue practicing solo pediatric medicine as I imagined I would early on in my training. It also allows me to maintain independence, free from ownership by a hospital chain or a large group who could potentially exert influence that could run contrary to the care that you have come to expect. Continued...